Dating in the times of Internet - When she starts live-streaming

Dating in the times of Internet: When she starts live-streaming

What would you do if your date started live-streaming his/her time with you?

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so you want to be a creator

So you want to be a creator… (read this first)

In this post, I’ve talked about being a creator. (more specifically, the process of becoming one) So you can decide for yourself if it’s for you or not.

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threat of a US-Iran war

When you feel the threat of war every day…

These past few months, we’ve heard politicians, reporters and Middle East and US experts say it: the shadow of a US-Iran war is getting bigger and creeping closer as the sun sets on the JCPOA.
And every time they talk about war, I ask myself: have they all gone mad?

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the experience of my first love

My first love and the single sentence that defined me

This is about my first love and the experience that defined a big part of who I am today.

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about US Sanctions on Iran

US sanctions on Iran and The biggest tech embargo of the 21st century that no one is talking about

As I said in the last post, there are things that I want to say -as an Iranian writer / photographer- to the outside world. One of them is about what individual people and individual companies -especially in the tech world- are doing in the face of new US sanctions imposed on Iran and its people.

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starting the English section of my blog

About starting the English section of my blog

I am an Iranian writer and photographer. So most of my content is in Farsi (Persian). But I'm starting the English section of my blog today. Here's why...

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