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My name is Hamed and I’m a freelance content creator. I have a studio and work on creating content in different formats (text, photos, podcasts and video) for my own sites and other brands.

Let me be honest with you for a minute. I live in Iran and because of the very low exchange rate of our money to dollars (or euros, etc.) I can give you very competitive prices for quality content.

So if you need great content and you’re on a budget, you can hire me and my team to create what you need!

For any inquiries, you can email me. But in the meantime, here are some examples of my past work:


Blog posts about relationships: My first love and the single sentence that defined me || Dating in the times of Internet: When she starts live-streaming

Blog posts about creativity: So you want to be a creator… (read this first)


For all these categories, the price for a 1000 words blog post would be around 20 us dollars. After a while, we can switch to an hourly method of payment.